Crazy BizTalk is dead, long live Crazy BizTalk

Crazy BizTalk is dead, long live Crazy BizTalk A couple of months ago Pieter Vandenheede & myself, both colleagues at Codit, announced that we both were "the brains" behind the CrazyBizTalk Twitter account. Since then we've been receiving very positive feedback and lots of people have asked us to continue. Although it is tempting to …

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A Crazy BizTalk confession….

Introduction This blog post was co-written by Pieter Vandenheede & Glenn Colpaert, both colleague at Codit. We finally admit it... we both were the brains behind the CrazyBizTalk account. There... it's in the open. After Integrate 2017, day 3, we were no longer able to keep it a secret, so there is no use of …

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Awarded first time integration MVP

Let’s start this blogpost by someone else telling my story from October 1st & October 2nd, I’m happy to quote Sam Vanhoutte directly from our internal sharepoint: “Imagine this. You get nominated for MVP, you have filled out all the community things you have done over the past months (blog posts, organizing gwab, speaking at …

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